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Dr. Naveen Kondru

Dr. Kondru (Dr. K) is an esteemed veterinarian with a strong background and a deep commitment to animal welfare. His impressive credentials, including a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and a Ph.D. in Veterinary Biomedical Sciences, showcase his dedication to advancing veterinary science. Operating in the state of Florida, Dr. K's expertise spans various areas, including wellness, preventive care, surgery, and emergency treatment.

At the core of Dr. K's practice is his profound compassion for animals. His vision for Hamlin Animal Hospital reflects his desire to create a nurturing environment where every pet receives personalized and compassionate care. Driven by a wealth of experiences, ranging from shelter work to corporate veterinary roles and emergency care, Dr. K's approach to animal health is both comprehensive and unique.

Beyond his professional commitments, Dr. Kondru shares a love for the magic of Disney with his family and children, underscoring his deep connection with the community. This personal touch adds to the warm and welcoming atmosphere he strives to create at Hamlin Animal Hospital.

In addition to his daily responsibilities, Dr. Kondru has made significant contributions to neuroscience research, earning him global recognition. His passion for advancing the frontiers of veterinary science is evident in his unwavering commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

With a steadfast focus on compassion, unmatched quality, and a commitment to staying at the forefront of veterinary care, Dr. K and his team at Hamlin Animal Hospital are dedicated to ensuring that every pet receives unparalleled attention and care. They eagerly await the opportunity to welcome both you and your furry loved ones to their practice.

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Dr. Sireesha Manne

Dr. Sireesha Manne, affectionately known as Dr. Siri, embarked on her veterinary medicine journey in India, ignited by an enduring love for animal care. In 2012, she transitioned to the United States to further her education and immerse herself in the advancements of Veterinary Medicine, aiming to elevate the standard of care for pets. Her academic journey led her to Iowa State University, where she earned a Ph.D. in Veterinary Biomedical Sciences and also trained veterinary students in their clinical skills labs. She is licensed to practice Veterinary Medicine in the sunny state of Florida, where she practiced for three years before making Orlando her home.

Dr. Siri is a faithful advocate for delivering quality care to her furry patients and takes pride in being available whenever her expertise is required. Her active memberships with the American Veterinary Medical Association and Florida Veterinary Medical Association underscore her engagement with the broader veterinary community.

In her daily practice, Dr. Siri relishes a wide range of veterinary tasks—from wellness visits and preventive care to emergency medicine and surgical interventions. She is highly regarded by her colleagues for her skill, particularly in soft-tissue surgeries, where her adept hands and keen eye significantly enhance her patients’ well-being. Dr. Siri currently leads our surgery team at Hamlin Animal Hospital.

With a harmonious blend of extensive education, practical experience, and a nurturing demeanor, Dr. Siri diligently strives to create a comforting haven for pets and their families at her clinic. Her heartfelt approach to veterinary medicine not only heals but also fosters a welcoming atmosphere for every pet and pet parent who walks through the clinic’s doors. Outside the clinic, she cherishes spending time with her family, including her cherished cat, Ocean.

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Dr. Sarah Soltis

Dr. Soltis is a graduate of the Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine and The University of Miami. Though she grew up just outside of Chicago, she dislikes long winters and headed to Florida for college. She knew shortly after beginning college that the Sunshine State would be her home. After time in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, her family finally settled in Winter Garden and couldn’t be happier.

When not working, Dr. Soltis is spending time with her husband and two boys, usually enjoying the many attractions of Central Florida. Her favorite activities include anything Disney-related, collecting Minnie Mouse ears, and eating delicious food.

About Us

what is Hamlin Animal Hospital?

Our team of compassionate veterinarians, equipped with the latest technology, is committed to enriching the lives of your furry companions with personalized and attentive treatment every day.

At Hamlin Animal Hospital, we're more than just a clinic—we're a family of animal lovers dedicated to ensuring the well-being and happiness of your furry companions through personalized care and expertise.

At Hamlin Animal Hospital in Winter Garden, FL, we're committed to your pet's well-being with our open-every-day policy and comprehensive urgent care services.

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At Hamlin Animal Hospital, we are committed to delivering top-notch veterinary care for your beloved pets. Our compassionate team is always eager to assist with any questions or concerns you may have while at our clinic, and we genuinely enjoy connecting with our clients to make you and your furry companions feel at ease. From our front desk staff to our experienced veterinarians and dedicated support staff, we work in harmony to provide exceptional service at every stage of your pet's healthcare journey.


Veterinary Client Services Lead/Assistant

Meet Tiana! Tiana, a proud alumna of CSU Chico, has a rich background in Animal Science and Psychology from Folsom Lake College. Her journey from the sunny landscapes of California to the enchanting rains of Florida was influenced by her love for Disney and the opportunity provided by the Disney College Program. Settling in Florida, she embraced the state's vibrant culture, making it her home. Tiana's life is a tapestry of diverse interests, from her deep connection with her pet Mishka to her passions for Disney, Broadway, and the arts, where she finds joy in crocheting and painting.
Why Hamlin Animal Hospital:
Tiana was drawn to Hamlin Animal Hospital by our ethos of inclusivity and the high value we place on community, reflecting her own varied life experiences and personal values. Her alignment with our hospital is rooted in a shared commitment to creating a welcoming environment for all, underpinned by a dedication to superior care and a broad embrace of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Tiana appreciates the opportunity to contribute to a team that not only prioritizes professional excellence but also champions the importance of a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.


Veterinary  Nurse/Assistant

Meet Olivia! Growing up on a farm, Olivia developed a profound connection with animals, sparking her aspiration to work in veterinary care. Her career began in a Las Vegas emergency hospital, evolving into entrepreneurship with her mobile pet care service. Outside of her professional life, she enjoys outdoor adventures, horseback riding, and quality time with her son and German Shepherd, Toby.
Why Hamlin Animal Hospital:
Olivia chose Hamlin Animal Hospital for its compassionate approach and the high value it places on patient and client care, reflecting her own commitment to veterinary medicine. The hospital's core values of respect, passion, and professionalism deeply align with her own, motivating her to be part of a team that upholds exceptional standards of care and continuously strives to make a positive impact in the lives of pets and their families.


Veterinary  Nurse/Assistant

Meet Chandra! Chandra is a proud alumna of San Diego State University, where she studied animal physiology and behavior, and is currently enhancing her expertise in Pre-Veterinary studies at the University of Central Florida. Her passion for animal welfare is evident in her history of rescuing and rehabilitating street animals, training them to assist children with cancer, and her extensive experience in various veterinary practices. When not immersed in animal care, she enjoys exploring the outdoors, engaging in artistic pursuits, and spending time with her family and pets.
Why Hamlin Animal Hospital:
Chandra was drawn to Hamlin Animal Hospital by our shared commitment to providing exceptional veterinary care, grounded in our core values of compassion, professionalism, and responsibility. She values the hospital's dedication to high standards of care, the positive and supportive work environment, and the opportunity to be part of a team that is passionate about making a meaningful impact on the lives of animals and their human companions.


Veterinary  Nurse/Assistant

Sharon embarked on her journey into the world of veterinary medicine immediately after high school, now advancing towards a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with plans to transfer to UCF. Having graduated from a vet assisting school and earned her certification as a vet assistant, she is deeply committed to her education and career path. Sharon thrives in a learning environment, especially when it involves assisting in surgeries, and she aspires to become a veterinarian. Fluent in Portuguese, her cultural background enriches her perspective and approach to veterinary care. Outside of her professional pursuits, Sharon enjoys creating lasting memories at Universal with her family and friends, and cherishing moments with her beloved dogs.
Why Hamlin Animal Hospital (HAH):
Sharon was drawn to Hamlin Animal Hospital by a shared commitment to core values that resonate with her own, particularly the compassionate care practiced by the doctors and staff. She appreciates the hospital's dedication to not only providing excellent patient care but also fostering a supportive environment for learning and professional growth. Sharon values how HAH contributes to her journey towards becoming a veterinarian, offering opportunities to learn, grow, and move closer to achieving her career aspirations, all within a community that cares deeply for its patients and each other.


Veterinary  Nurse/Assistant

Meet Ashley! Ashley is one of our dedicated veterinary nurses, known for her vibrant contribution to our social media presence. With a strong educational background from Santa Fe College and ongoing studies at the University of Central Florida, she is deeply committed to her role in animal care. Outside of her professional life, Ashley enjoys a variety of activities, from reading and beach outings to hiking and visiting dog parks with her beloved companion, Blu. Her adventurous spirit is evident in her love for theme parks, especially during the Halloween season.
Why Hamlin Animal Hospital:
Ashley was captivated by Hamlin Animal Hospital's dedication to high-quality care and the strong values we uphold, emphasizing the well-being of both pets and people. She is enthusiastic about being part of a team that mirrors her passion for animal care, inspired by the mission that guides our practice. Ashley values the opportunity to work in an environment that fosters a shared commitment to excellence in veterinary service and community support.


Veterinary  Nurse/Assistant

Meet Gabbie! From a young age, Gabbie was determined to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, starting as a kennel assistant and advancing to a veterinary technician. Her broad experience in animal care is complemented by her personal mission to improve the lives of animals. She enjoys spending her free time with her pets and supporting her mother, her lifelong inspiration.
Why Hamlin Animal Hospital:
Gabbie’s alignment with Hamlin Animal Hospital stems from a shared dedication to excellence and a mutual commitment to the well-being of animals. She was impressed by the hospital’s adherence to the highest standards of veterinary care, and its embodiment of the core values of passion, compassion, and responsibility, which she regards as essential to her professional identity.


Veterinary  Nurse/Assistant

Meet Allyson! Allyson's entire life has been intertwined with the veterinary field, influenced by her mother's longstanding career as a vet tech. Her hands-on experience in the field, coupled with her educational background in veterinary science, has fueled her dedication to animal health. Outside of work, she finds joy in creative pursuits like drawing and editing, and cherishing moments with her beloved pet, Cleo. If you are seeing lovely puppies and kittens on our social media, it is most likely one of her contributions.
Why Hamlin Animal Hospital:
The ethos of Hamlin Animal Hospital resonates deeply with Allyson, aligning with her personal values of care, respect, and responsibility towards animals. She was attracted to the team’s shared passion for veterinary excellence, commitment to positive outcomes, and the embodiment of professionalism in every aspect of their work, inspiring her to contribute to a setting where high standards of animal care are paramount.


Veterinary Nurse & Team Lead

Introducing Angie, a dedicated advocate for animal welfare with over 23 years of experience as a veterinary nurse. Inspired by her mother, a DVM, Angie began her journey in veterinary care straight out of high school, starting as a kennel assistant and working her way up. Specializing in Emergency/Critical Care and Anesthesia/Surgical nursing, Angie ensures every patient receives top-notch care, especially in critical situations. Beyond her clinical work, Angie is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Paralegal Studies, with plans to advance to a Masters in Criminal Justice. Her ultimate goal is to contribute her expertise to the University of Florida Veterinary Forensics program, focusing on cases of animal abuse and neglect. Outside of work and studies, Angie enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband, four teenage children, and pets. Family cookouts, camping trips, and movie nights are among their favorite activities. Angie's decision to join Hamlin Animal Hospital reflects her commitment to excellence in veterinary care. Drawn to its comprehensive services and dedication to both primary care and urgent cases, Angie is excited to contribute her skills to an exceptional team. She recognizes Hamlin Animal Hospital's business practices, core values, and compassionate approach to care as the perfect fit for her professional goals and values.


Veterinary  Nurse/Assistant

Meet Jordan! Jordan’s career with animals began at a young age, managing a dog care facility before broadening his interests towards zoological animals. His personal life is rich with creativity, expressed through music and songwriting, and a love for outdoor adventures with his golden retriever. He’s also known for his enthusiasm for Star Wars, Harry Potter, and his aspiration to explore the mountains of Colorado. His contribution to our social media presence and marketing is always enjoyable.
Why Hamlin Animal Hospital:
The compassionate, educational, and supportive atmosphere at Hamlin Animal Hospital deeply resonated with Jordan, aligning with his values of positivity, professionalism, and passion for animal care. He was attracted by the hospital’s commitment to excellence and the opportunity to be part of a team that not only provides exceptional veterinary care but also fosters a learning environment where everyone is encouraged to grow and excel.  

Ashley S.

Veterinary Client Services/Assistant

From her earliest memories, Ashley was certain that veterinary science was her calling. Set to become the fourth veterinarian in her family lineage, she embodies a deep-rooted passion for animal care. Ashley is eagerly embarking on her veterinary education at UCF, bringing with her a legacy of familial expertise in the field. Outside of her academic endeavors, she dedicates her time to volunteering with her family’s dog rescue, providing aid to dogs in distress. Known for her unwavering dedication and a warm heart that finds joy in cuddling every animal she meets, Ashley is fully committed to her path in veterinary medicine. Why Hamlin Animal Hospital: Ashley was captivated by Hamlin Animal Hospital's steadfast commitment to compassionate care, a principle that resonates deeply with her own values. Her enthusiasm for aiding animals shines through in her every action, complemented by her burgeoning expertise in veterinary medicine and a genuine understanding of animal wellbeing. She values the close-knit, familial atmosphere among the staff at Hamlin, where the shared mission of excellence in animal care fosters strong collegial bonds. Ashley is delighted to be part of a team that not only shares her professional aspirations but also her profound dedication to animal health.