Comprehensive Urgent Care for Your Pet's Well-Being

Hamlin Animal Hospital is your go-to destination for urgent care services tailored to the diverse needs of your pets in Winter Garden, FL. Our experienced veterinarians are equipped to handle a range of conditions that may qualify for urgent care, ensuring your furry companions receive prompt attention and expert treatment.

If your pet experiences:

  • Minor Traumas: Small cuts, abrasions, or noticeable limping.
  • Skin Concerns: Manifestations of redness, swelling, or potential infections.
  • Ear Infections: Symptoms might include head shaking or noticeable ear discharge.
  • Digestive Issues: Mild to moderate vomiting or diarrhea, especially if persistent for over 24 hours.
  • Urinary Concerns: Frequent urination, blood in urine, or evident discomfort while urinating.

We also address:

  • Eye Problems: Any discharge or mild irritations in the eyes.
  • Respiratory Concerns: Chronic coughing or sneezing that seems beyond the occasional bout.
  • Dental Concerns: Broken teeth, minor oral injuries, or potential dental infections.
  • Parasitic Infestations: Problems with fleas, ticks, or mites.
  • Mild Allergic Reactions: Excluding severe reactions like difficulty in breathing.

Our urgent care services extend to:

  • Foreign Object Ingestion: Especially if the pet seems comfortable and the object is small.
  • Loss of Appetite: Concerns if your pet avoids food for more than a day.
  • Behavioral Changes: Sudden anxiety, obvious discomfort, or restlessness.
  • Mobility Issues: Lameness or evident difficulty in movement not linked to severe trauma.

If you observe any of these conditions in your pet, contact Hamlin Animal Hospital promptly at (407) 872-7772. Our dedicated team is ready to provide the urgent care your pet deserves, ensuring their well-being and comfort. Trust us to be your partner in maintaining your pet's health, no matter the situation.