UPDATED COVID-19 Information: Compassionate Care Protocol & Updates

At Hamlin Animal Hospital, we profoundly recognize the compassionate bond between pets and their owners. Every heartbeat, every purr, and every wag of the tail enriches our lives, reminding us of the invaluable connection we share with our furry companions. We are committed to honoring this bond by ensuring every visit to our facility is nurturing, safe, and comforting.

In-Room Appointments:

To offer a serene experience, clients who have their pets scheduled for full exams are welcomed to accompany them inside our examination rooms. This ensures that the pet is surrounded by familiar and loving faces throughout the exam and most of their treatment. We strongly believe that a pet’s comfort multiplies manifold when they are with their family, and hence, we advocate for parents to stay close. And yes, children, the little bundles of joy, are also allowed, reinforcing our belief that family is the best medicine.

Special Situations:

End-of-life care is an emotional and sensitive journey. When the sun sets on the life of a cherished pet, it’s the memories, love, and the moments of comfort that matter the most. Our team approaches euthanasia with the utmost empathy, ensuring that both the pet and their family are given the peace, privacy, and solace they deserve. From a calm ambiance to staff who are specially trained in grief counseling, we offer an environment that respects your feelings and memories.


Every pet, just like every human, is unique. Sometimes, situations arise that don’t fit the conventional mold. Whether it’s a sudden illness, an unexpected discomfort, or just the need for a little extra care outside regular hours, we are here to help. If a direct appointment isn’t feasible, our flexible approach allows for drop-offs, immediate walk-ins, or addressing urgent care needs. Our doors, and our hearts, are always open to cater to the diverse needs of our pet community.

In these challenging times, our shared love for animals keeps us united. We sincerely thank you for your trust and patience. Your understanding strengthens our mission – to create a harmonious space where safety meets love, where care meets passion, and where every pet feels at home.